Not for children

0300 They call this feeling “grief.” Don’t fight the beast. It will consume you; let it. Don’t resist. Then, once you are inside, it will digest you. It will break you down. It will absorb your nutrients, your fibers, and your bones. Then, it will shit you out. Then, you’ll be free, and back into the world as something else.

From there, the cycle of rebirth begins. Decide what you will be. The choice is yours. Fertilize the fields, or feed the flies, or wallow in the sun. From there, the path of Life will take you where you need to go.

You are alone. You’ve always been alone. Alone is where the heart is. That’s the Truth.

1200 Make and take, and take and make, are you a Maker or are you a Taker? 

Makers make and take, but Takers take. Takers take until there’s nothing left to take. Then, they take themselves apart. 

Makers make. They give what others take. And if you take from Makers, they will make again. But if you take from Takers, they can only take, and don’t make anything.

Takers are the tribe of emptiness, and Makers are the Kingdom of the World.

1900 When Death arrives, be very, very still. He’s hungry, and he’s come to take your throat.

Watch him. When he comes, don’t try to fight; don’t try to run away. He will attack, and when he’s close enough, you’ll see his eyes. Stare him down, and do it patiently, and then he will release you.

Then, you’re free. 

2359 That’s it. I think I’m done.

end of chapter one