Day Two: March 14, 2020

There is a detached surrealism about these days, a zooming-in and out of a distant dream. On the surface, normalcy seems intact. The sun ascends the horizon. Oxygen flows in and out. Birds chirp and breezes dance in the trees. There are no alarms or smoke, no bombs or tanks, no screams of panic or blood in the streets. Nothing tangible to run from. But a cauldron of terror and ambiguity bubbles beneath the ether of existence.

apocalypse MMXX

Sometimes I wish that certain people were dead

And others would live forever,

That I could torture my childhood bullies

And redo lost fights with past lovers.

poems (2019)

I was in awe and engulfed with the love of humanity and thrilled that my trip was off to such a start. So I sat watching this water admiring the flow of the universe and reflecting upon Alan Watts and Bruce Lee and nature and sipping these two orgasmically delicious cups of espresso and knowing that if there was a heaven it most likely looked like this. 

chapter one: Costa Rica

For in Aphenzo’s realm, there lived a man

Both loved and praised. Hesano was his name,

A nobleman from the tribe of Hasimus,

A man of wealth, integrity, respect,

And justice. When he saw that plague of fraud,

Camillus, he stood bold and dared to speak.

His God was Truth. Hesano feared no man,

But spoke out in defiance of the king.


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