Not for children

2200 I just made up this word: “jannatic.” It means “Like Paradise,” or “Heaven-like,” because the word in Arabic for “Paradise” is “Jannah,” then the English suffix “-ic.”

I like it. I’ll be using it sometime.

A corporation is not a person. How did any of us fall for such a thing? “Corporate personhood.” Can you believe it? “Corporate personhood.” That’s what it’s called.

That’s everything right there, America. That is the beast that plagues us all. That is what Khomeini meant by “Great Satan.” That is why we’re withering:

Corporate personhood.

I feel them in the air: Pandemic vibes. I know this pasty feeling. I recall “Apocalypse: Somewhere in April [2]”:

They say there was a life before these days, 

a world beyond the prisms of our porch, 

a time before greensickness perched above 

our doors, before the pasty smog of death 

would hourly muzzle against our windowpanes.

I remember that. I can’t forget. Yet here we are again, another time. Just as we thought we’d finally stopped this thing, we find that it is more and more ahead.

Maybe what we’re doing doesn’t work. Maybe let’s attempt the opposite. Maybe try and face this thing. Go on, but not backpedaling. Instead, go on, forward, forward to the jaws of Death; forward to the murky mouth of Hell. Then, perhaps, our enemies will know that we are not afraid of withering.

You see so much beauty, you often forget that it’s there. Gratitude and LOVE is all there is. Fear is dumb, and Hate is cowardly. but LOVE is beautiful and jannatic.