Not for children

0000 He gleams. 

Tonight, he comes to us in green. Tonight, he is the worst I’ve ever seen. His Name’s GOMHILTRA. Look! You cannot know what is Unseen until you See it first! And so, until we Wake, we’ll fill our blogs, and walk our dogs, and listen to our boss.

0200 I hear you howling, wise December Night. I hear your cries, the wailing of your bones.

Beloved, I am with you. Know that I am Here with You, when you are Most Alone. 

So much is lost. The BIRD. We Lost The BIRD! But let me keep a something, anything. What about a candle? Or a cane? Just let me keep a rosebud. Hell, the stem. Hell, anything! Don’t let me leave like this.

0400 What a fantastic sort of thing is this: that one can be alive, but never dead. Never will the clutches of the Night unlatch from him. And yet, forever, Light will show the Truth, and Patience, and the Way. 

I did not know until I found Him, and He told me what He told the ones before: that This is IT. So, be with IT, and IT will Love you like when God So Loved The WORLD.