Not for children

2020 “I love you, but I never told you so.”

Now, listen there: that music’s much too loud. I cannot hear the silence in the house.

I hear all that commotion from beyond these brand new padded windows, all in white. It carries me along: an orchestra of violence and howling in the night.

Be still, and let the Current take you where the rest of us are going. Here we are: 

The world is ended. There’s nothing left to keep. All the world is sordid now. The sky is empty, hollow. We are underneath; the dust will keep us warm until the dawn. 

Mozart, when he wrote the Requiem, knew just what he was saying: that the end is near and terrible. He knew it then: what death was going to do to all of us. 

Behold a world where children kill each other and themselves. Behold the day when silence will allow us but a word. What is the Word? What WORD will save us now?

Behold! The tides are turning, and the teeth and claws of that which we have now unleashed upon our daughters, sons, and brothers! He is going to chew us all. Here comes the Night, and all that rings and festers in Her Wake!

The moon is much too young for nights like this. Behold the Witch, the Falaq, and the Jinn—the Phantoms in the corners of your heart. I’ll show you Love and Death. I’ll show you what it means to love, and lose, and love again.