Not for children

1500 Who are you when no one else is watching? The ancients called that state of mind the Soul. The Soul is what you are. It’s what you think when no one is around you to decide. It’s what you feel when there’s no one to love. It’s what you know when you don’t know the truth. It’s how you are when everything is right. 

Know Yourself, and You Shall Find Your SOUL.

1800 How ugly can we be to one another? How nasty can we get? Come, let us see. Bring out your beasts. Come here. I’ll show you mine: it’s Silence. 

I’ll pray two more for you. Perhaps the force of Love within us all can serpentine back to its essence. God, you’ve been so lost. 

Before I do, I have to make a point: The girl is still DECIDING what we are. She’s still DECIDING. THINKING. Isn’t sure. Light Years And The Eons And The Cosmos! Still she has to take a week just for her to DECIDE. 

I’ll tell you what you know: the answer’s NO. 

Now I am through. Now I can pray for her. 

2100 Perhaps I’ll pray another four, or more, so you can find a LOVENESS in your heart. You’ll miss the days you couldn’t find your Soul. You’ll wonder what it all would have been like if you had just decided differently.