Not for children

1200 I guess there’s nothing left to do but write.

1500 “I knew I was worthless.” “I knew I was worthless.” That’s all you ever say.

I think that we are way beyond repair. Nothing fixes ego. Nothing heals the tiresome gnashing of the heart. Bitterness and jealousy concoct a most exquisite vengefulness! But here is what you can’t forget: That life is short, and love is all there is. So, listen. Hear me out, and I will hear you too. I hope we can forget the scars, and wrap ourselves with love.

Who else but You and ME? Who else? Who else?

1700 I don’t think people really want to be helped. Death is sexier. It’s such a thrill to gasp and hope to God that this is it.

But I am so much happier alive. I have been given Everything there is. All was given, all forgiven. That will be certain on the day I die. I hope I don’t forget that. I hope I can remember to stay cool. Not like all these angry people, all these lost people.

1900 “Everything will be fine in the end, Morty. And if it isn’t, it’s not the end yet.”

2100 Goodnight and sweet dreams. I love you. Bye for now.