Since when were women equal to men? Since when?

Women were always greater than men.

Cradle of Life, the Patient Mother,

Patient, patient, patient, patient mother.

Mothers and mothers and mothers, and fathers too.

Life and Rivers run beneath Her feet.

Wash her feet, and drink its water too.

Mothers of sons and daughters, These our Wives

and Widows, These the Mothers of our Tribes.

You cut it down, and she will Build it up.

You give her one, and she will Give you more.

You take, and she will Give until you Die.

Remember when men were Men?

Men are Straight and Silent.

Men are Stone. Men are Fire and Wood.

Love is earned. Shame is cataclysmic.

Look how they stand. Look how they smile.

Look how their women bow.


Mothers…fathers too the Prophet Muhammad, from Sahih Muslim 2548. Rivers…feet “Heaven is beneath the feet of mothers.” The Prophet Muhammad, from Sunan an-Nisa’i 3104; The Qur’an 20:76. Wash her feet… “I want to wash my mother’s feet and drink its water.” an old adage from my grandfather, Yousef Assaf. Mothers of our Tribes The Qur’an 42:7.

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