Remember when you met me in the woods?

You wore that red. A basket was in your hand.

You came at dawn. I said, “What brings you out

So early in the morning, little girl?

Come with me. Let daddy take you home.”


I saw you in the woods another time.

It was at night. I saw you in the trees

Swaying under the blue moon.

You looked at me. You smiled and said, “What brings a gentleman

Such as yourself around these gentle parts?”

I said, “I love you. Be my mother please.”

You laughed. You’re laughing still. You’re laughing now.


“Baby, Baby,

You know how this works.

You stay on your path,

and I’ll stay on mine.

Wherever we go, we’ll meet at

grandma’s house.

I’m not going to eat you this time.

I promise.”

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