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July 10, 2020

You know, for a guy who spends a lot of time with words, I’m starting to have a serious problem with words.

I feel like we’re all saying the same thing, or at least trying to. But we get so caught up with how it’s said, and who says it, and when, and which particular words are used, that we end up missing the fact that we all agree.

Sometimes, we get so entangled in the literality of language that we’re incapable of real communication. We hear what people say, rather than what they’re saying. And what they’re saying is what all of us are saying: here we are, and sometimes it hurts, and all we want is for somebody to care.

Despite their perks, words can be extremely limiting when it comes to communication. Perhaps the best use of words is in the exchange of vital pieces of literal information, such as “Get the mail” or “We are meeting at the park.” But over time, we started to use words to represent so much more than that. We use them to express thoughts and feelings, ideas, truth. But it doesn’t always come out right. Everything feels crooked when put into words, and the truest, purest things feel the most crooked.

So, we started to break the rules. We twisted the words, or adjusted or augmented them. We put some words in places where they don’t belong, or wouldn’t normally go. We described things not as they were, but as they seemed, or maybe as we wanted them to be. And over time, we learned to manipulate words in order to say what’s actually true.

That is called poetry.

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