February 1, 2021

I get the sense that we’re all trying to say the same thing, but we’re so used to fighting that we hardly notice. We fight about how it was said, and who said it first, and when it was said, and how it was worded, and which full moon is The Full Moon. And in the heat of it all, we don’t realize that we’ve been agreeing this entire time.

We get so tangled up in the details that we forget why we started talking in the first place. We’re all just trying to say something. We just wanna say something. Like one big circle of Show and Tell. Remember Show and Tell? I’m just trying to tell you something, man.

I want to show you my book. My game. My candy. My lunch box. My new best friend. My bike from last summer. My brand new shoes. A picture of my dog.

This is my belly button. This is my scar. Oh, this. This is nothing. No, it’s nothing. No I don’t wanna talk about it.

Here is some of my latest poetry.

Here are some stories and works of prose.

I also do some work with film.

This is chapter one.

Stay in touch.

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