May 16, 2021 3:00 AM

He knows Hes going to lose and so do we

and yet he throws and still he throws and still

they pummel him and still he throws and still

they pulverize his bones and crush his stones

and foaming through their teeth they smash and swing

and groan and thrash

and rip and bash

to rubble

still He sings:

“i want to be just Me when i grow up

i want to heal the sick and cure the blind

and stop the crime and save you from the fire

i will teach i want to play and win

i want to give my children even more

i want to love i want to take and give

im going to be a cowboy astronaut

im going to live

i want to die alone in NAINAWA

and though i see them smiling as i die

i want to comfort them when theyre alone

so take this head and take this brothers arm

and take this infants heart

and take these fallen limbs

and take this Blood and WATER

take this Ring and take the finger too and take

this mother take this father too and take

my brother

take my grandpas cloak and take

these sons and daughters

take Sukayna take

my Sister you can go ahead and try

when i grow up i want to be Me

i will be ME when i grow up


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