chapter one 02172021 1500

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this yet, because I’ve tried to look it up and I can’t seem to find anything written about it. But I couldn’t help but notice that the entire saga of “The Sopranos” is nothing more than Greek mythology in Jersey. Tony is Zeus. Carmela is Hera. Christopher is Mars (well, Ares, I should say), and his girlfriend is Aphrodite. I forget her name. She looks like a “Denise” or something, but that’s not it. But yeah, so Tony is out there running the world from Olympus and hanging out with all the other gods at the Bing–which is nothing more than a joint of nymphs–and Carmela-Hera’s doing her thing simmering and shit. And if that Shah-of-Iran looking bastard from New York‘s criminal underworld isn’t Hades himself, then I don’t know what the fuck he is.

Of course, we can argue over who’s who. That’s the fun of it. But the bottom line is, there is nothing new under the sun.

Back to chapter one.

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