chapter one 02132021 0945

Everything I own is a square. Screens, tables, couches, chairs, chess sets, pillows, windows, doors. Lawns and driveways, buildings, parking lots. Aside from my steering wheel, my toilet bowl, and a few little things in the kitchen, just about everything else is a square.

The curious thing about it is that perfect squares do not appear in nature. I mean, they don’t appear anywhere. The only possibility is that some salt crystals could be perfect cubes, if you want to examine them that microscopically. But the nature of life is round. Things move in cycles. They orbit. They go up high, and then come back down, like trees and wind and water and earth and fire.

Straight lines are also extraordinarily rare.

The big tech companies know this. That’s why they round the corners on everything they make, from their physical devices to their software interfaces. Even their logos are all squares with rounded corners. And they seem to like white and blue a lot. And a little bit of red.

Just look at that snow. Snow is pretty from home. 

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