You can be ALI if you Want to be,

But why would you want to be?

Imagine if every decision you made was Right. Every one of them. Every single one.

Imagine if you didn’t have the choice to be wrong. Am I fat? Yes you are. Am I right? No you’re wrong. Is it true? No it’s not. Want to fight? No I don’t.

You talking to me?

No I wasn’t.

Yes you were!

No I was not.

I’ll fuck you up.

I don’t want to fight.

Get up! Get up!

I’m going to strike.

Get your ass up!

And then you strike You strike like you’re Right You strike like the Night You strike like Heaven was raised to get out of your way. You strike a dent into space-time continuum, you strike and the whole train crashes to a halt. You strike like the Love and Fear of God is In You.

Maybe you weren’t meant for this Thing. Maybe you’re Wrong, Maybe they’re right, May be not Light, May Thee Not Fight, What is this Might? Is Everything going to be Alright?

What’s it going to be?

To be ALI, or not to be ALI?

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